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Conscious Building.....One Thought At A Time

Building Authenticity, the Holistic Way

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My Journey To Peace

I have had my fair share of loss, grief, confusion, chaos and pain. It wasn’t until I unpacked my life and sorted through the rubble to make sense of who I was, to finally find who I Am. I come to you with a passionate and empathetic heart because in one way or another I have been you. I had to overcome breaking my own heart from not understanding that Life will turn tables on you and People will disappoint you…But when I Embraced My Light, My Life became My Own and Growth never ceased.

Mustard Seed Faith.

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Your True Authentic Self Awaits Your Arrival.

Heal Your Mind and Body

Are you ready to defeat generational patterns, defeating thoughts and learned habits? What about the overall woe’s life throws at you, like childhood trauma, death, divorce, feeling lost or the struggle to find your authentic path? At A Peace of Mine, we believe in the Mind-Body connection, helping you create space by digging up hindering roots and allowing you to Re-Plant Your Life’s Garden. A Peace of Mine will walk through this journey with you, providing Guidance, Truth and the Tools to see your life blossom.


Are you ready to get your hands dirty and present yourself to the world, in Your Most Authentic Power?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our professional approach to healing ensures that you experience only the best. We take pride in offering outstanding quality services that are tailored to your specific needs.

Experience True Healing

Personalized Attention

Embrace True Wellness

Our personalized approach to healing ensures that you receive truly top-notch services. We take the time to understand your unique needs, and tailor our services to help you achieve optimal wellness.

Mental and Spiritual Healing

At A Peace Of Mine By Carlease LLC, we believe that healing is not just about the body, but also the mind and spirit. Our holistic approach to healing ensures that you experience true inner peace and harmony.

Experience Inner Peace

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