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Trauma Coaching

Let’s be Clear:

I AM NOT a licensed therapist.

I DO NOT diagnose

I DO NOT prescribe medications.

I am a Certified Life Purpose Coach, who specializes in Trauma/Childhood Trauma and Grief.  I possess a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Cognitive Neuroscience. I am your Alternative to your therapy options.

We will dig deep into the Root of your trauma. I will guide you and provide you with tools on how to facilitate what’s needed to sustain a functional life. What your sessions look like, will be determined as we begin to Un-Pack your life. We don’t cookie cutter here.

Trauma builds an exterior film…an exterior hard coat around us, leaving us to live with just a shell of ourselves while we suffocate inside. When you are ready to Breathe, you are ready to be coached. The most important part of this process is, you have to TRUST ME. My approach is very direct but very empathetic. Remember, I am you and once stood right where you are.

I am a Coach because I have real Life Experience, not because of what I learned from a textbook.

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