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Image by Fernando Rodrigues

Shadow Work

As we know, our shadow is only accentuated by light. Even when we don’t see it, we know that it is right there, following us. When we are embarking upon our light, our shadow never ceases to remind us of who we are. But Who Are You Really? When we speak of our shadow in metaphysical form, we are speaking of an unconscious entity. An entity that drives us in everything we do. While, we learn to “Survive” our shadow, we fall victim to its presence.


As a child, were you told you weren’t good enough? Have you ever been molested or raped? Were you emotionally and or physically abused as a child? Did you grow up in a chaotic atmosphere? Even better, were your raised by parents who were physically there but didn’t understand how to parent you?


Let’s dive deeper, do you know your grandparents? Do you know your roots? Generational shadows are real! Some of your experiences, hinderances, perspectives and thought processes have absolutely nothing to do Directly with you. These experiences were passed on to you. Through your bloodline…your DNA.


No childhood trauma…Hmmm…What has Adulthood attached on to you?


Here at A Peace of Mine, we dive in with you! We pull up those roots and face them head on! There’s no way you will arrive to Your Authentic Self without addressing your shadow. We will bring everything to the surface and figure out which parts feed your inner higher self and which parts you simply learn from and release. This also includes People.


This Journey will be one of the Highest and Most Beneficial gifts you will ever embark upon in your entire lifetime. This Journey sets you on a path to Knowing Who You Are. Once you, know who you are, Your Purpose will be crystal clear.


We all have Light and Dark parts within us. We just haven’t been taught, that the dark can work for us, not only against us.


It’s time to Stop Surviving. It’s time to Live.

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