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Reiki is the enlightened ability to hover hands or lay hands on a person to stimulate their universal energy force. Reiki is derived from the Japanese Culture. Reiki’s healing properties penetrate not only your psyche but your body at a cellular level. Giving your body a fighting chance at any illness you may be facing. It helps to get to the root cause of the illness. Our body’s hold on to years and generations of attachments, Reiki helps break those ties and releases the energy to its rightful place.

Speaking of ties, do you find yourself unable to break away from a certain habit or certain people? When you are Ready, we can cut those chords in Reiki sessions. Cutting chords is the act of energetically severing ties with soul mates and soul ties that no longer serve your highest good. Soul Ties are not only to people, but also to traumatic events. If you’ve ever been sexually abused, the chords lie dormant in your Sacral Chakra…That’s where we would cut those ties.

Lastly, Reiki aligns and balances all of your 7 Chakra energy fields. Leaving you with free-flowing energy and space for receiving.

7 Chakras

1: Crown: Spiritual Connection: Nervous System, Pineal gland, Brain

2: Third Eye: Focus & Intuition: Pituitary gland, Sinuses and eyes

3: Throat: Communication, Truth, Expression: Vocal Cords, Teeth, Respiratory system

4: Heart: Love: Inner Peace and Joy: Heart, Thymus, Lower Lungs, Circulatory and Immune system

5: Solar Plexus: Confidence and Control: Self-esteem, Self-worth: Nervous system, Pancreas, Liver, Digestive tract and Skin

6: Sacral: Ability to accept others and New Experiences: Abundance, Sexuality, Well-being, Pleasure: Reproductive organs, Kidneys, Bowels and Immune system

7: Root: Represents Foundation and feeling Grounded: Survival Issues in Money, Finances and Food:  Spine, Rectum, Legs, Arms and Circulatory system.


I am a Master Usui Reiki Practitioner

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